Liu Baojie(b. 1963), ink on paper, 34 x 34 cm.

Liu Baojie(b. 1963), ink on paper, 34 x 34 cm.

Liu Baojie(b. 1963), ink on paper, 34 x 34 cm.

Liu Baojie(b. 1963), ink on paper, 69 x37 cm.

Liu Baojie(b. 1963), ink on paper, 94 x 33.5 cm.

Liu Baojie(b. 1963), ink on paper, 37.5 x 50 cm.

Liu Baojie(b. 1963), ink on paper, 90 x 34.5 cm.

Liu Baojie(b. 1963), ink on paper, 132 x 34.5 cm.

Liu Baojie(b. 1963), ink on paper, 98.5 x 49 cm.

Liu Baojie(b. 1963), ink on paper, 39.5 x 45.5 cm.


Liu Baojie(b. 1963)


Born in Beijing in 1963, grew up in Zhuolu, Hebei.

1979 - Beijing Jade Factory Technical School majored in jade sculpture for three years. During this period, he studied lotus and grapes in the style of Mr. Li Kuchan with Mr. Wan Zhaoyuan. Learned small brushwork flowers from Mr. Sun Shumei and Mr. Wang Xuetao's,and  learned meticulous painting from Mr. Jiang Shouyuan.

1980 - Became a student of Mr. Zhang Lichen, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and since then specialized in freehand Chinese painting.

1981—Accompanied by Mr. Zhang Lichen left to Sichuan Three Gorges, Emei Mountain, Qingcheng Mountain and other places to sketch for a month.

Learned the history of Chinese art from Mr. Bo Songnian from the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

1983—Sponsored [Ji Cui Gallery] for three years. During this period, he has presented to Lu Yanshao, Lin Sanzhi, Cheng Shifa, Cui Zifan, Qi Gong, Tang Yun, Fei Xinwo, Wei Zixi, Kang Yin, Zhang Wenjun, Wang Mingming, Long Rui, Wu Shanming, Zhang Guiming, Shu Chuanxi, Jiang Baolin, Lin Ximing, Yu Following Mr. Gao for advice.

1984—In the same year, he held a youth art exhibition in "Ji Cui Gallery", which was published in China Art News.

1986—Held a personal painting exhibition at the Beijing Ancient Observatory, exhibiting more than 100 works in total, and Mr. Kang Yin wrote an inscription for it. Among them, "Ten Thousand Miles of the Yangtze River" attracted the attention of the press, and He Yasheng, a senior reporter of Beijing People's Broadcasting Station, reported on it. One work was donated to UNICEF.

1987—[Bai Qigang, Wang Nong, Liu Baojie Joint Art Exhibition] was held in Beijing Artists Gallery. Mr. Liang Shunian wrote the inscription for the exhibition. Mr. He Haixia, Mr. Qin Lingyun and Mr. Bai Xueshi visited the exhibition and gave them high praise. More than 20 news organizations reported on it.

1988 - Hosted by Mr. Reynart, a senior Swedish economist and collector of Chinese art, he held a personal art exhibition in the ABF Pavilion in Eric Kristuna, Sweden. Two local newspapers reported on it.

1989—As the only Chinese painter, he was invited to participate in the [Masters from China] Chinese Painting Exhibition held in the famous Liljevalchs Exhibition Hall in Sweden. This is the largest Chinese painting exhibition held in Europe since Chinese reforms and opening up. The three-month exhibition has attracted many people from the European continent to visit. There are dozens of related reviews and reports in Sweden.

Liu Baojie was interviewed by Inmarie, a famous Swedish journalist. Full-page reports were published in two major newspapers, DAGENS NYHETER and EXPRESSEN FREDAG.

Accepted the invitation of the famous Swedish painter Tilberry to visit his studio and works.

Visited the former residence of the famous Swedish painter Mr. Zorn.

Visited the famous Swedish printmaker Mr. NALLE WERNER.

Held "Liu Baojie Solo Exhibition" in Beijing Tayuan International Apartment.

Held "Liu Baojie's Painting Exhibition" in Beijing Jianguomen International Apartment.

1990 - Sponsored by Swedish Far East Company, the [Zhang Lichen, Wang Mingming, Nie Ou, Kang Ning, Liu Baojie Five Artists Exhibition] was held in Eleven Gallery in Stockholm. His painting "Three Gorges" was collected by a famous Swedish collector for 20,000 yuan.

Visited local artists in Sweden with Mr. Sun Weimin and exchanged activities with Swedish artists.

Invited to give lectures on Chinese painting and seal cutting at Skollan Art School in Sweden.

Participated in the [Asian Art Festival] jointly organized by the Finnish Performance Company and the Chinese Embassy in Finland and the Swedish Embassy. Cultural Counselor Jiang Mingyi proposed to invite Liu Baojie to participate in this event. Unfortunately, 12 works of Liu Baojie in this event were stolen by someone, including a 6-meter long scroll.

1991—Accompanied Mr. Zhang Lichen to Shanghai Duoyunxuan to prepare for "Zhang Lichen Painting Exhibition" for nearly a month. During this period, he visited Mr. Xu Bangda who was in Shanghai, Mr. Cheng Shifa and Mr. Zhang Guiming, Shanghai painters.

Engraved one for the Swedish choir's visit to China.

Participated in the 87th anniversary pen event of Xiling Yinshe.

Visiting Tianmu Mountain, went to Huzhou to visit Mr. Ding Xiaolu, a miniature sculpture artist in Huzhou, and Zheng Xiaoyu, a painter in Huzhou.

1992—[Roller shutter device] obtained national patent. Went to sketch in Jiuzhaigou and Three Gorges in Sichuan.

1993 - Went to Jingdezhen to make 300 pieces of ceramics.

1995—Beijing TV special topic [Baojie Painting Pig]. Organize Chinese artists Zhang Lichen, Wang Yong, Kang Moru and Liu Baojie to participate in the exchange activities between ambassadors from 20 countries and Chinese artists held in the Swedish embassy.

1996 - Visited Sweden and was invited to participate in the "China Night" Chinese-Swiss artist exchange activity held at the Governor's Mansion in Gavle. People's Pictorial editor-in-chief and translator Li Zhiyi, Swedish Chinese poet and translator Li Li, actor Tong Zhengwei, director Marko, and Swedish painter Mr. Hansen attended. Visit the world-renowned Swedish painter of political satire Mr. Rebor Hansen.

The ceramics and paintings signed by Liu Baojie Da Sanzi were auctioned at Honghua Auction Co., Ltd.

1997—Three landscape works participated in Pacific Auction Company.

1997—Swedish ALEX WIBERG Gallery held [Liu Baojie Image Painting Exhibition]. Swedish newspaper DAGENS NYHETER commented. Beijing Evening News reporter Dou Qingfeng reported. The Beijing Daily published the work "Breeze" (Lotus), and the China Youth Daily published the front page of the senior reporter Gao Jianguo's article "The Danqing Hand Who Loves Painting Pigs" - A Note on the Young Painter Liu Baojie. Economic Daily reporter Li Hongbo published Liu Baojie's work on Economic Daily.

Held [Liu Baojie Personal Art Exhibition] in the Chinese bookstore "Lai Xun Ge" gallery. Beijing Evening News Liu Jianwei reported.

The work "Qing Qi" participated in the auction held by Rongbao Auction Company in Dalian.

The work "Travel Map" is selected as "Chinese Art Yearbook in China" published by 98 Art Research Institute.

1999—Selected into the [Dictionary of Chinese Famous Artists] published by Hongqi Publishing House.

Started to develop computer graphic design. 2000—Label [2000 Dragon], handicraft [Watianer] and chess board [Wuguo Xiangqi] obtained design patents.

2000—Because its 2000 dragon logo patent was used by many media, it started a patent rights lawsuit.

2001—3,000 computer-designed logos.

2002 - Designed logo for International Toy Fair.

2005—Planned the Tibet International Photo Exhibition for the State Council Information Office..

2006—Second time went to Jingdezhen to make ceramics.

2007 - The third time went to Jingdezhen to make ceramics.

2006—20 works participated in the first charity auction of Tianhai Yulu.

2007—The world-renowned art critic Dr. Bo Weineng commented on Liu Baojie's article "Elegance, Strength and Humor" Liu Baojie's ink painting.

2008—Explained modern ceramic production to the Swedish cultural group in Liulichang, Beijing.

2012 - In an auction in Sweden in November, the early work "Three Gorges" was sold for 35,000 yuan.

"Interview with Liu Baojie" published in Chinese Literature and Art Magazine