Our Auction Gallery offers its customers a variety of services. 


For Sellers


1. Valuations:


By Email

Visit our website and send a written description and, if possible, an image of your item to us.


In Person

Seeing your object first-hand us the best possible opportunity to examine it in detail. You can  telephone or email to make an appointment.


House Visits

If you are not able to visit a ArmanAntiques LLC Saleroom or Office we can come to you instead.


2. Consignment


Selecting the most suitable auction and date to sell your property


Transporting your property

You can transport the item yourself at your own expense - or we can arrange this for you at a small cost.


If you are consigning goods from overseas, shipping charges, taxes and import duties may apply. 


Agreeing sales terms and reserve

When we have agreed on the sale terms, we will give you a Receipt and Contract Form listing the details about the price at which you will be prepared to sell your item or items.


Contract and receipt for consignment

When you have consigned your goods for sale our specialist will discuss your sale requirements with you and record these on the Receipt and Contract Form.


This document is important because it is your instruction to us to sell. It is your contract with ArmanAntiques LLC., specifying the sale terms, and your receipt for the property you have consigned. 


For Buyers


If you would like to acquire valuable art or antiques, then you will always find a large, high-quality selection at ArmanAntiques LLC. 


If you would like to bid at an auction, you have several possibilities to choose from:


1. Bidding in person. If you would like to take part in an auction in person, you must register at the reception. You will then be assigned a bidder card with a number. If you win the auction you have to show the auctioneer this number after the knockdown.


2. Telephone bids. You can also register as a telephone bidder if the object you are interested in has an estimated value of 500 $ or more. 


3. Online bids. You can also take part in the bidding at our auctions online from anywhere in the world. To do so, please register at least 72 hours before the auction, in our Online Salesroom.